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Lead with impact, where heart and humanity equals high performance.

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Impactful leadership specialist, emotional fluency expert and
founder of Life Ladder®, Natalie Rea presents:

Leaders of Impact



Become a pioneer in personal and team transformation creating a culture within your business where everyone makes full impact. 

This 12-month development journey for ambitious leaders helps you actualise your individual and team results and potential with greater ease and efficiency by moving from hard work to heart work.


“It’s time for all Business Leaders to enjoy the ease that’s possible with a transformational toolkit and a greater balance of head and heart, navigating feelings with as much ease and fluency as navigating facts and numbers. Higher performance doesn’t have to mean more hard work, once leaders discover how to achieve more from doing less, they can truly enjoy the rewards of being an entrepreneur."
Natalie Rea, Founder, Life Ladder

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Imagine. What Would Your Life & Career Be Like If...?


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Your leadership is regarded as unforgettable for its meaningful impact.

Your team is an 'A-Team', exuding excellence that's reflected back in results and feedback.

Your team LOVE working for you and you can trust they'll stay.

You can take time off knowing your business performance will continue to succeed and grow in your absence.

Your magnetic culture saves you thousands in recruitment costs as the best talent in your industry approach you to work with you.

Your business performance continuously breaks records.

Your leadership and business are widely regarded as making a great impact in your field, wholeheartedly respected and recommended.

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Learn to Love Every Aspect of Leadership


If like many leaders you've felt like you've been carrying the vision by yourself, feeling like you need to push or pull others along with you, Leaders of Impact will enable you to cultivate a culture where the desire to be impact is alive and reverberates around your business.  Leave behind the tiredness of resistance, conflict and under-performance by learning the tools that make difficult conversations easy, develop high performance.  Feel how your teams start working together, actualising the true business results you deserve.


Are You Ready to Make an Incredible Impact?

Few business leaders ever reach the summit of their business and team potential because transforming mindsets, behaviours and skills isn't always easy without the expert people skills to transform performance roadblocks.  With this transformational journey, you can be one of the few leaders who make long-lasting meaningful impact on their team, so your leadership becomes a legacy.  Finally you can move from 'hard work' to 'heart work' and reap the results.

With Leaders of Impact, you're not only developing your leadership skills but also enabling 12 months of growth across the whole business.  Alongside your one-to-one leadership coaching; your team will develop themselves, their professional capabilities and mindsets with Life Ladder's Subconscious Catalyst System.

The result?  You develop your impact and effectiveness as a leader and your team will move through awareness, change, capability and mastery on 12 essential personal and professional development topics, widely recognised as must-haves for any high performing team member or business.  You'll not only be investing in professional development but in happier, healthier lives.


"In only a 30-minute conversation, Natalie saved us £140,000 by discovering a risk of a high sales performer leaving and helping the employee see things differently with transformational coaching.  The values of these tools and frameworks is immeasurable.  Every leader needs to know this."
Amanda Barnes, CEO, Media Company, West Sussex, UK 


The 7 Step Subconscious Catalyst System

Build a team with robust mindsets, guided by the 7 Steps

7 steps & 4 levels

Life Ladder's unique microlearning system is a weekly cycle of content based on 7 steps, each relating to a key area of the subconscious mind that directs our mindsets, behaviours, emotions and attitudes.  This cycle and pattern of microlearning leads to incremental growth in the performance, happiness and success of your employees.

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Start Leading with Impact

Discover the 12-month development journey for you as a leader and your team

The Impactful Leadership Journey

Within this Blueprint, you'll be supported with monthly one-to-one online coaching sessions with Impactful Leadership specialist, Natalie Rea.  As you learn best practice tools for inspirational leadership, engaging team members through deeper meaning and connection to the big picture, clearly identifying your own purpose and signature essence as a Leader and helping others connect to greater purpose and passion for their work.  Learn how to provide feedback in a way that enables subconscious changes in behaviour and greater productivity.  Discover how to challenge with ease and make difficult conversations easy with advanced communication tools to uncover the cause of challenges and embed the mindset of never having the same problem twice. 

Months 1- 6: The Impact Blueprint  

6 x learning modules - accessible immediately

These 6 catalytic modules includes best practice expert leadership tools which not only work on the surface, but provide you with the know-how to drive deep and powerful change within yourself and others.

12 x transformational tools/templates for Impactful Leadership application Gain multiple tools for driving high performance with ease without the need for long-winded performance management or HR processes. Unlock the tools that bring out the true potential of others and master transformational tools that enable you to shift perspectives, overcome limitations and help staff move beyond thoughts and feelings which hold back success.

6 x 1 hour one-to-one online leadership coaching sessions

These exclusive one-to-one sessions with Natalie and limited to just the members the Leaders of Impact programme. Develop transformation tools and capabilities to help you stand boldly in your leadership or navigate new leadership territory.  

Your 6 Catalytic Modules
1. Meaning 2. Energy & Expression 3. Emotional Fluency
Learn unique tools for uncovering your true essence in your leadership role and what it really means for you.  You'll also receive a practical set of coaching questions and guidelines to use the 'meaning map method' with your team to unlock their true potential. Learn how to easily shift energy in yourself and your team to enable a fresh, uplifting atmosphere that creates great results.  You'll also discover how to share your voice and encourage others to share theirs in a way which catalyses extraordinary inspiration. Learn a range of advanced communication tools that speak to the heart, impact intrinsic motivation and light up the values system for focus and momentum.
4. Vision 5. Fruitful Feedback 6. Substance
Expand perceptions, demonstrate what's possible and illuminate the path in a way that retains top talent and makes aspirations a reality.  Acknowledge powerfully and witness the excellence of your team by validating their gifts and successes in a way that speaks to the heart and helps people see you as someone that makes them better. Be a leader they never want to be without and see how your team go above-and-beyond by using these meaningful tools.  Create a sustainable success energy that multiplies from impeccable process infusing fresh life force into the daily plans and activities. Build a team environment where the impact is so substantial that it is fully integrated with every thought, word and action. Take the pressure off of you having to hold up the energy and enjoy the blend of heart-led leadership backed up by watertight processes that enable you to focus less on stress and more on the joy of making an impact with ease.


"After the transformational coaching, our sales performance tripled year-on-year and 95% of the team broke their personal performance records and we achieved company record performance."
James, Sales Manager


Months 7-12: The Subconscious Catalyst System

6 x learning modules - accessible immediately

7 x transformational tools and worksheets which can be used for day-to-day leadership discussions to create maximum impact on results

6 x 1 hour one-to-one online leadership coaching sessions

Now you’ve adopted the Impact Blueprint, you’re ready to align all thoughts, feelings and behaviours to being a Leader of Impact and translate the learnings into a way of life you enjoy within your business, rippling inspiration at every touch points and creating a high performance culture.

Throughout these 6 months you’ll learn how to work with the Life Ladder Subconscious Catalyst System to elevate to mastery as a Leader of Impact.

This seven-step approach will enable you to remove all the potential roadblocks to reaching the summit of your personal and team potential. You’ll learn how to manage your mind and influence the mindsets of others by aligning identity, values, beliefs, memories, decisions, habits and imagination to embody excellence.


Your Team's Development

Your team's 12-month journey to Impactful Contribution

Rather than being solely theoretical, Life Ladder's microlearning system (around 1 hour per week) allows practical application on the job for greater progress and results.

A 12-month programme covering the key must-have topics for high performing businesses and employees. Every month, team members will be working towards 3 specific learning outcomes using Life Ladder's 7-Step Subconscious Catalyst System and putting their learning into practice as they move from Awareness to Mastery. Each 4-week development journey guides the team members through 4 stages from Awareness through to Change, Capability and finally Mastery.


The Life Ladder Team Member Professional Development Journey

12 x professional development themes with 3 learning outcomes per month
and a journey of microlearning activities to move from awareness of best practice to the process of changing behaviours, implementing best practice and developing mastery within each topic.

12 x Lunch n Learn Workshops with Learning & Development Experts

12 x Ask Us Anything Sessions
where your team can submit challenges and questions and have them answered by the coaching team.

Access to their own personal and professional development platform and goal setting tracker, enabling monthly reporting on progress made, goals set and achieved, positive steps taken and time invested in learning.

Access to a community area for ideas, inspiration and sharing.

Collaborate with the Buddy System. 
The opportunity to Buddy up with and others on the platform to share the learning experience and create greater accountability and support. 


View 2021 Professional Development Programme


"We have invested thousands every year on training and development and Natalie's programme is by far the best investment in the entire existence of the company."
Chris - Director, Clarity Environmental

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How to Join Leaders of Impact

Leaders of Impact is limited to 20 places, run once per year starting in January.

Speak to Natalie for a personal call to learn more. All of the leaders featured today did, and haven't looked back.

Contact Natalie Today

"I was recommended to work with Natalie, and I have not looked back since. She has helped us make transformational decisions, recruit, and retain extraordinary people and make bold moves with confidence and conviction. She has an uplifting affect and having her as my go-to to help strategise and steer my business was valuable beyond measure. We have seen people take on more, progress and had the best onboarding of a new starter we have ever experienced. I would recommend her to anyone, and we consider her part of our business family."
Stephen Hobbs – Warnes Projects


"Natalie is phenomenal. Her style helps me work on myself and my business hand in hand. As a result, I have built incredible momentum and achieved results I am deeply proud of. I can finally see my strategy & path ahead and am actualising my dreams for high performance coupled with ease and work/life balance."
Helen – Go Gecko

Who is Life Ladder?


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Global personal and professional development specialists, transforming individuals, teams, and businesses to enjoy record breaking happiness and success.

We live and breathe leadership from the inside out, helping people lead themselves and their life to actualise their personal and professional dreams and helping ambitious businesses create peak performance cultures.

We make happiness and success a way of life in your business using our 7 step Subconscious Catalyst System to bring out the full potential of every member of your team.

Members of Association for Integrative Psychology, Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming, The Institute of Leadership and Management and the Chartered Institute for Personnel Development.



Your  Co-Pilot - Natalie Rea

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Founder of Life Ladder, Speaker, Impactful Leadership Specialist and Emotional Fluency Expert

16 years’ experience developing people and 5 years’ experience specialising in working with ambitious business leaders to transform teams and business performance to levels they had only dreamt of.

Her background in Senior HR Management and Leadership, coupled with being a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming enables Natalie to tap fluently and flawlessly into the deeper needs of people.

Renowned for her transformational abilities Natalie has tripled businesses’ sales performance, helped thousands of people achieve the perceived impossible, turned underperformers into top performers and saved businesses hundreds of thousands in recruitment costs by developing and retaining people with fresh, revolutionary approach to high performing leadership.

Her business Life Ladder launched after receiving large investment from a business client who said “we’ve seen what you have done for our team and our business. Everyone needs this, we’d love to be part of helping you share this your approach on a global scale.”

Professional & Personal Development That Transforms Individual & Business Performance

Join an unparalleled leadership programme that develops leaders and their people into high performers to deliver long-lasting results

12 Months Leadership Coaching

Be one of an exclusive group of 20 leaders getting to the heart of leadership, motivation with one-to-one leadership coaching from Natalie Rea.

Plus...12 Months Professional Development for Your Team

Your people learn to be Impactful Contributors working through 12 key professional development topics, group coaching & buddy system.

Professional & Personal Development for Life & Work

Whatever your vision or challenge, Life Ladder gives you the tools and knowledge for life and work; from confidence to communication, procrastination to motivation, wellbeing & balancing it with learning mindset tools for performance and development.

The 7-Step Subconscious Catalyst System for Success

Employees embed knowledge to develop improved attitudes, mindsets and behaviours on a consistent basis.

Microlearning - Incremental Development

Daily microlearning activities, group coaching workshop, supported development, a members community for learning, support, accountability & celebration, unlimited access to self-development resources, a personal goal dashboard and tracker.

Lunch n Learn Workshops with Experts

Lunch n Learn - benefit from regular members-only group online workshops that dive deeper into hot topics designed to transform employee performance.

Ask Us Anything Coaching

Monthly online workshops in the Life Ladder Community where we answer any question posed!

Stay on Track & Collaborate

Employees set and track your goals in their personalised dashboard and team leaders receive progress reports on members' personal development progress.

Buddy Up & Gain Accountability Partners

Your employees share the journey with their teams and other Life Ladder members where they learn from each other, find goal buddies, share their knowledge, gain support and celebrate successes.

Any Time, Anywhere, Any Device

Life Ladder is your go-to development resource, wherever you are! Access development and learning activities on the go to fit your busy career and to help support your team.

Track Quarterly Professional Development Results

Track your team results, goals set and achieved, positive development steps made and time spent on professional development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Client Success Manager will prepare your reports on a quarterly basis, showing engagement & activity for your members and strategic recommendations for further professional development.

We walk you through the whole process to ensure maximum engagement with workshops, communications templates, reporting and a 90-day plan for your first quarter to maximise success.

The learning outcomes and weekly microlearning can form useful 121 discussion with members of your teams. You'll also find useful worksheets to lead discussions including models like the GROW coaching framework. The self-development resources are ideal for signposting content for individual needs within your business, whether for confidence, wellbeing or developing personal influence.

Learn from an accredited coaching team, qualified and experienced in enabling life changing growth. Our coaching team are professional members of the Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming and the Association for Integrative Psgychology, as well as CIPD qualified and fellowship members of the Institute of Leadership and Management. We are certified for NLP Coaching, Master Practitioners of NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapists.